maggie harris, WRITER

That little bobblehead there is me! (Donut girl on the other pages is my alter ego.)

In a previous life, I worked as an account manager for brands like Nokia and Lindt (yep, the chocolate makers). Although my roles involved training and sales, I would often have colleagues come to me for help with writing marketing material or training documents. 

I’d always wanted to be a writer — I even studied creative writing and marketing at university — and aside from that one primary school teacher who gave me a C-minus in handwriting, most people I know aren’t surprised I went on to become one. It was just a matter of time. (Thankfully, I rarely have to use a pen and paper these days. I never got my pen license!) 

I started off my official writing career with a travel blog that turned into a memoir published way back in 2016. That little book was the impetus to finally leave my job and pursue freelance writing full-time. Since that day, I’ve collaborated with clients globally — from the UK to the USA, Canada to Australia — to redefine content creation. I know everyone says it, but writing truly is my passion and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. You can catch me tapping away at my Substack newsletter or cackling to myself as I use all the swear words on Medium. 

When I’m not eating, sleeping, or laughing at my own jokes, I’m writing…or thinking about writing. And that’s the kind of writer you want. 

My expertise lies in elevating the humble blog post to an art form, crafting web copy that captivates, and developing materials (from press releases to white papers) that drive engagement and conversion.

I’m a master of the written word and your strategic partner in cutting through the noise. With a wealth of experience across tech startups, healthcare, manufacturing, and dynamic small-to-medium enterprises, my mission is clear: to transform complex jargon into compelling narratives that not only speak to your audience but echo in their minds.

My approach is rooted in a commitment to deeply understanding your brand and your industry. It’s a testament to the strong relationships I’ve built with my clients that 95% of my business comes from referrals. I don’t just deliver content; I deliver results. 

Working together, we won’t just share your story; we’ll ensure it’s unforgettable. Because in the noisy online world we inhabit, to be bold is the only way to succeed. If you’re ready to get started, click the button. Let’s build something wonderful. 

"Even though Maggie has her own very unique voice, she was able to understand my brand and really make her writing sound like me but better! She's got a real knack for grasping complex and technical topics and drilling them down to something my clients want to read."
senior copywriter USA
Carl Duncan
LX Group

travel writing featured in

"Maggie saved my life. When I was struggling with keeping on top of marketing and content creation, and having trouble finding a writer who could fit our brand, Maggie swooped in and saved the day. Not only was she a pleasure to work with, she also understood our voice and style like no-one else could. She's an asset and one of a kind."
senior copywriter content writer
Amanda Jefferies
Marketing Manager, Calleija Jewellers

I don't do boring. I don't do copy and paste. I do bespoke, original and genuinely dreamy content. Get in touch today and start making magic.