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Blog writing is my niche, and it’s what I do best. I’ve spent the past umpteen years honing my skills and sharpening my teeth on many and varied blog-writing challenges. From complex medical technology, to psychology and healthcare, to beauty products, to manufacturing, if you’ve got something that needs saying, I’ll say it. Better than you can (who can blame you, as if you have the time!). I incorporate excellent SEO, detailed content planning, and thorough industry and topic research to create a blog page that drives traffic, converts leads, and establishes you as the thought leader in your field. In a world of noise, where every man and his pet rabbit has an opinion (or an AI chatbot to make it up for them), don’t let boring, generic content see you waste away in the white noise. 

Stand out with great content that gets noticed. 

content writing

If it’s long-form content you need, I’m your gal. From case studies to web content, white papers, ebooks, and more, I’ve written them all. The same basic principles apply to any content writing:

Strategic Planning: Every piece has a purpose. It begins with a clear plan — what are the goals, and how will we achieve them?

Thorough Research: Rigorously researched to ensure accuracy and depth.

Value Creation: Delivers genuine value, providing your audience with insights and solutions they can’t find elsewhere.

Authority Building: Positions you as an expert, establishing trust and credibility in your field.

Driving Results: Optimised to increase traffic and generate leads, turning readers into customers.

Beyond these essentials, I focus on crafting content that resonates on a human level. This includes user manuals that simplify complex processes, comprehensive reports that detail industry insights, and thought leadership articles that set you apart from the competition. Effective content isn’t just about filling space — it’s about making a statement, sparking conversations, and influencing decisions.With a keen understanding of audience engagement and SEO best practices, I ensure that your content doesn’t just reach your audience — it impacts them.

Let’s create content that not only informs but transforms.

seo (S. E. What?)

Do the letters S, E and O have you scratching your head? Search Engine Optimisation drives traffic to your site, and ensures that your clients and target audience are able to find you! 

The trouble with SEO is, everybody knows about it. And SEO tools are a dime a dozen. What does that mean for your business? You’re competing with everyone else in your industry or niche when it comes to those handful of keywords. 

How to overcome it and rise to the top of the bunch? Professional SEO services and a tailor-made strategy. 

A solid SEO strategy is more affordable than you think (and more important than you can imagine), and with some simple techniques, we can ensure that you are reaching those who need you.


Panic-writing a few blog posts and LinkedIn updates here and there does not a content strategy make. Luckily, I’ve had more than a few rides on that merry-go-round. 

I understand the complexities of a good (nay, great) content strategy, and am prepped and ready to create a stellar content plan for you. That includes a full content calendar, stellar SEO research, and more. (Can’t give away all my secrets here, pals, but suffice it to say, there is a strategy afoot, and you need in on that.)

From blog posts to email sequences, social media updates, web copy revamps, press releases, case studies, white papers, eBook launches, and more. I’m here to build your bulletproof strategy, create that oh-so-important content, and keep you accountable. 

"Harris Content & Copy totally turned my business around. I had no idea how to get my website's SEO and content working properly, and needed some serious help. Maggie was so helpful, very upfront about cost, and tailored a solution which would keep my costs down wherever possible, while giving me the best content. Maggie is worth her weight in gold."
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