meet the nerds

We're a team of word nerds, computer geeks and beardy weirdos. We're kept in a dark basement, running on hamster wheels to turn copy into magic.

Chief whip cracker, Maggie, founded Harris Content & Copy to make content writing, web design and social media more awesome.

We're not the cheapest team out there. If you're looking for cheap, hit up Fiverr. We do, however, provide excellent value for your hard earned bucks. We are experts and artists and we will turn your content world on its head. Enter at your own risk. We bite.

maggie Harris chief content writer and captain of this ship

Maggie is our very own content guru, word wizard, and captain of this crazy ship. She chiefly works with tech startups, medical mumbo jumbo, manufacturers, and small business. She’s also an accomplished travel writer (if she does say so herself). This means she spends her days turning technical babble into readable content for normal humans.
When she’s not scribbling away in a dark corner of the Harris empire, Maggie is an author, traveller and motorcycle enthusiast. Her interests are many and varied; although, all conform to a theme of thrill-seeking and unpreparedness for imminent disaster. May her headstone read “well, that was interesting…”

i have all the words. all of them.

jarrad rooke
cinema genius, makes magic with movies

Jarrad’s got Super 8 running through his veins. The lovechild of Kodak and a woman named Marie (delightful lady), he was destined to be a videographical visionary. He can be seen most days walking through the streets with a coffee in one hand, a GoPro in the other and a tripod clenched firmly between his teeth. Editing extraordinaire and shark on the pool table, if you must know. Ready to turn your vague and fuzzy thoughts into a wondrous masterpiece that Spielberg would be proud of (and Scorsese will wish he’d thought of). 

likely to be filming you through your curtains. because #art.

lauren maree
word wizard and social media queen

Lauren has had her iPhone surgically attached to her left hand, purely for convenience (and she’s dropped it down the loo that many times). That’s how dedicated she is to her craft. Lauren’s been a #bossbabe for years, running her own empire and leaving a trail of ecstatic customers in her wake. She writes like a Bronte and is so social media savvy she speaks entirely in hashtags. Expert content creationist for all things medical, cosmetic, and technical. Writes even better when drinking a good Merlot. 

do you even social? #blessed #writerlife #wheresmywine

Gary waters
website expert and basement dweller

Gary doesn’t like to have his picture taken and rarely leaves his basement. Gary weaves spells with WordPress and casts scarily hypnotic incantations with HTML. He could code the hind legs off a donkey. Gary’s the one we turn to when you’ve made a total ballsup of your website and you’re neck deep in CSS hell. He’ll fix your site and slap you smartly on the knuckles with his ruler, should you ever attempt to mess it up again. Leave it with Gary, Gary’s got you covered. 

I'll <a Href > the SH*T outta your website. stop touching it.

Jenna Lovell
health guru and has more of a tan than the rest of us

Jenna is our Earth Mother, health & wellness guru and outdoors enthusiast. We don’t invite her to staff parties because she makes the rest of us feel pale and lazy. Jenna is our go-to girl for all things wellness related. She writes as beautifully as she makes a cuppa. And boy, can the girl make a cuppa. Trust us. (We’ll all be drinking Jenna’s cuppas at the next staff meeting. Jenna won’t be there, except to bring the tea.) 

have you been for a walk today?


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