Self Publishing

So, you’ve written a book? Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement! Now you want to share your story with the world. Finding a publisher to accept your work used to be almost impossible for first-time authors. However, thanks to the advent of self-publishing services it is now possible for anyone to realise their dream of becoming an author.

Many writers choose to self-publish their works rather than use traditional publishing houses for a number of reasons:

  • Maintain control over your work. Self publishing allows you to retain the integrity of your work by not having to make changes based on a publisher’s idea of what your book should look like. You can accept or reject suggestions from your editor, and have as much input to the design process as you’d like.
  • Keeping costs down. With a self-publishing package, you can ensure that you have all of the hallmarks of a professionally published book at a price that you can afford. You are not committed to printing a minimum quantity of your book at your own cost, as many publishers will require. Once your editing, proofreading and design processes are complete, your book can be listed immediately on sites like Amazon.
  • Get your book published quickly. Whereas traditional publishing processes can take months and even years, self-publishing can be achieved very quickly. This means you can have your book available for readers within a matter of days or weeks!
  • Higher royalty rates. You earn higher royalties for every book sold compared to publishing the traditional way. You can also sell copies from your own website, and retain 100% of the profits! Don’t have a website? Harris Content and Copy can build one for you today! See our services page for a list of options including website development.

Self-Publishing Package – from $900AUD

You’ve written your manuscript, but don’t know where to go next? The Self-Publishing Package includes everything needed to turn your manuscript into your published book. This package will mean that by the end of the process, you will have a book for sale with the largest international retailer in the world. Are you ready?

The package includes:

  1. Full proofread
  2. Editing, including notes on spelling, grammar, syntax and overall structure
  3. Re-edit, once you’ve accepted amendments
  4. Book cover design
  5. Back cover blurb and author bio
  6. Assistance with obtaining ISBN
  7. Listing on Amazon and Kindle
  8. eBook conversion
  9. Assistance with printing copies of your book (contact for printing prices)

If you aren’t in need of the whole shebang, you can take a look at the range of services and cherry-pick only what you need. Alternatively, if you also need help with things like marketing your book and building a website, that is something we can add to your package – and for a lot less than you think!

Get in touch today to have a chat, get some advice and start your publishing journey.