Social Media Management

Whether you’ve already got a great social media following, or you’re trying to build one, you need regular, relevant content. Harris Content & Copy offers a monthly package for your social media needs, including updating your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. Visit the rates¬†page to find out more!

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Showcasing your professionalism starts with good content. There is nothing more important to your customers than feeling that your organisation is confident, capable and thorough. Let us work together to ensure that your spelling, grammar and syntax are the best they can be. Tailor your content to suit your image with thoughtful structure, flow and clarity. To ensure that your message is making an impact, let’s make your content impeccable.

Now that you’ve got fantastic content, you also need to ensure that it’s free from formatting errors, layout issues or simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Need that assignment looked over? Harris Content & Copy can help you with that too! Proofreading will reassure you that your content is ready for the world (be that your clients, or your Marketing 101 tutor.)

Content Writing

Copy tells and content sells! You’ve got your copy sorted with advertising, brochures and the like? Well, content is where we win hearts and minds. Content is all about you and your message. What makes you stand apart from the crowd? Harris Content & Copy offers content writing for your blog, website, newsletter, press release and more. Whether it’s simply reworking your current content to enhance your message, or writing new content from scratch to get you and your brand out there; content writing will make your communications stand out.

Website Development

Does your website need a little help? Are things hard to find, is WordPress giving you a hard time? While common website builders make it easy to get off the ground, sometimes you may need a little help with the finer details. Harris Content & Copy provides basic HTML and CSS coding assistance, as well as WordPress and Shopify formatting. Contact us now to find out how we can help you to enhance your website.


Search Engine Optimisation drives traffic to your site, and ensures that your clients and target audience are able to find you! SEO is more affordable than you think, and with some simple techniques, we can ensure that you are reaching out to those who need you.


Having experienced the ins-and-outs of self-publishing personally, our founder Maggie now helps others to navigate the minefield of the SP world. From the editing and proofreading side, to obtaining your ISBN, creating your cover artwork and typesetting your manuscript for eBook or paperback – Harris Content & Copy can assist you to get that book of yours published and listed on Amazon, as well as on your own website and anywhere else you’d like to take it!